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I like to write poems. Jaymista Poetry started up five years ago. A couple of years ago, however, I felt discouraged when I would read other poems on the internet with the perfect words and flowery phrases.  I knew my words didn't compare in touching that advanced academic mind.  So I took my site offline for the last two years because I thought someone would (and did) laugh at my work.  Then, a short while ago, I decided to make my poems available online again for I firmly believe someone will click in on some word ... some phrase ... you know what I mean.  It might be meaningful to someone out there in wonderland in some special way.

Anyway, I am a retired shop teacher who likes to program web pages to be seen on computers around the world and to include my version of poetry on some of these pages.  The main reason for my writing poetry is that I want to commit my thoughts into words, be they hold merit or not, for someone's possible enjoyment.

I was born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.  I have worked in various fields such as carpentry, drafting, painting, and writing.  Along the way I managed to qualify for a Master's degree in Educational Administration. In the educational field, I taught school mainly in the grade 7 to grade 12 levels and, at one time or another, I was a department head, a vice-principal, a principal, and a coordinator of technology. Formal education and a so-called professional career, however, do not replace the school of everyday hard knocks when it comes to survival in today's world. Like most, I can say I've made a few mistakes along the way but you take one day at a time and move on. Most of the time, you can turn a problem into an answer if you remember there is usually someone out there who has problems that would tower over what you presently think is a problem.

I believe computer technology and the internet have provided the world with a solution to bringing nations closer together. My hope is they will develop a sense of kinship through the sharing of ideas and information. In the long run, truth must and will prevail.  If not, we will be living in a "big brother" community where the political game is played to the disadvantage of the common man and woman. It is my hope that some of my poems or tunes can touch you, the reader, in some manner and that you'll come back to Jaymista Poetry from time-to-time.

Donnie Jones

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