spacer spacer Bless This Mess

Out of the disturbance
Came the electrifying sound,
The sound to dominate the mess.

Not the normal voice;
More of a communique
Which inspired like none before.
It reached the king and queen,
It touched young and old
Commanding that none ignore.

"All nations must come together
To do what only they can;
All nations must love together
To prove the greatness of man."

The message echoed
Throughout the world
Repeating, repeating, repeating
In a spiritual uplifting way.
It was as if minds were connecting,
Providing an expansion of human synapses
Igniting the globe from mortal to mortal.

So Mister Leader,
Call the President
Call Prexy and Pope
Call representatives all.
Yes Mister Leader,
Don't be hesitant
Don't destroy the hope
Don't let the tentatives fall.

Bless this mess.

Jaymista 2005