spacer Nevermore

Get in line, step in time,
Make your mark in history;
Just buy four, find the door,
Life is beyond a mystery.

Take the pills till it kills,
Who gives a damn keeping score?
It's not me, guess it's he,
The kind old king of Nevermore.

There's no hope, tie the rope,
Doesn't matter what you weigh
Don't debate, go down eight,
Give it plenty of bounce 'n sway.

Take a dare, say a prayer,
They'll not hear you anymore;
Come the dawn, you'll be gone
Bound in the land of Nevermore.

Jaymista 2001

February 25, 2014 - I have put this poem into a song; at least it's a song to me. My goal in life is to write two songs and I am counting this as my first song. It is a protest song for the mentally ill meant to convey the way that some hear voices that may and do drive them to suicide. The sudden stop is Death.

Nevermore by Donnie Jones