spacer spacer Once Upon a Teardrop

Once upon a teardrop,
Maybe two or maybe more,
Life burst
And became empty space.

The cause of which some said
Had played so brief a role;
He dreamt it in his head,
He had so little soul.

“That's not fair,” I shouted;
“My tale's just and true!”
Will they never believe
What now I relate to you?

The boy lay crying
Amid the din of swearing;
Each accused of lying,
Each accused of not caring.

Tea scalded walls
And shattered dishes,
The sleepless nights
And constant wishes.

Oh God, let me have peace,
Let there be not pain;
Let me think of others;
Let my life be not in vain.

Who takes the time,
With so much dismay,
Of setting goals
For a future day?

Taking a quick punch
While holding back the tears;
The boy, then the man,
Fought to overcome his fears.

The death of one
And then the mother,
Led to a plan
To seek his brother.

Put me to test, brother,
My thoughts to be par;
If time does truly count,
Let us not these moments mar.

The friendship perceived
Turned to bitter vile;
The brother he sought
Skilled in cunning guile.

Moving away
Was then the answer;
Begin again
To void the cancer.

Through the strength of faith
He met a lady friend;
Someone to worship,
At last his heart would mend.

Would I have never known
This enchantment in my life
This pinnacle of my dreams
This miracle, my future wife,
Then I would have never known
The lively ballet of the ocean waves,
The rhapsody spoken by the wind,
Nor the spirited joy of freed slaves.

He performed love,
That feeling so blind;
But she not true
Brought rage to his mind.

His life of despair
He could no longer stand;
Thus time depicted
Death by his own hand.

He shot her twice,
The forehead and chest;
Because he felt
She loved him in jest.

Now I shall join my God,
To kneel at His feet;
In the Kingdom above
My sins ne'er to repeat.

Once upon a teardrop,
Maybe two or maybe more,
Life burst
And became empty space.

Jaymista 2001