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What do you mean by “love”?
Asked the scripture man.

Love's the sparkling eyes,
The radiance of unknown glitter,
The happiest of happy smiles,
The mixing of patter-pitter.
Love's the ardent feeling
That compels you to letting know you care;
Love, sometimes sentimentally foolish,
But ever the most precious of gifts to share.

Moments of time go by
Bearing witness to each love-filled event;
Love is when the father honors the son,
When the lady accepts the gent;
When nature sends a rainbow
Amidst the surging majestic cloud,
As with the cry of a newborn first heard
And the mother's pledge
To love forever is vowed.

And the scripture man said,
“Will faith bring me love,
Or must change I undergo?”
“When the time comes,” He answered,
“Verily, both you and I will know.”

The chemistry of love
Cannot be fully explained;
A seed is sown,
Nurtured with trust and pain
And the flower blooms.
Let love enter on stage
For all the world to see;
Care for it and prune it well,
And happiness will forever be.

Jaymista 2001