spacer The Hunter

What badges bore he the hunter,
Who on many windy early morn,
Matched wits in depth with Nature's best
Until symbol of pride could be worn.

What knowledge had he the hunter
Of beast bending twisting hidden trails,
Over expanse of no man's land
Where in title God's law still prevails.

The huntsman followed his instincts
Aware crucial lessons he'd been taught;
Giving grace to the other's life,
Waiting patiently prior the shot.

He catered spoils to those he loved,
Stated doctrine on what he believed;
Then in quiet reflective way,
Modestly acclaimed what we achieved.

The hunter knew he'd fade with time,
Life always altered itself through death.
So he put down bow, rod, and gun
And made his viewpoint known with last breath.

He quipped, “I'll be a changed person,
We'll look at sunrise and sunset too;
Remember they'll always be there,
And part of me will be part of you.”

Jaymista 2001