spacer spacer Today I Think of You

Today I think of you,
Wishing my hand could
Gently touch your face.
Today I give to you
An aura of blessed holiness;
Only God and I aware the grace.

I quietly pray for
A moment of your mind;
Listen to the tidings
From a friend to a friend.
In my faith I cast
A candid message from my heart;
Thoughts meant only for you
And God to comprehend.

Let the chimes and wind so meek
Play a melody mystique;
Creating a song inspired by you
Celebrating what I convey to you.
Then quiet heartbeat thunder
Will impel us to wonder,
Why we seem caught up in a game
That is guided by tormented shame.

In this and whatever way,
Our souls will interplay
Life's struggle to the summit,
Where at last in Heaven's majesty
Angels will greet us with emphatic trumpet.

Today I think of you.

Jaymista 2001